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Hi, my name is Terry Kilby, and welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find various mobile applications that I have built over the last few years. Some were done on a freelance basis and others while I was the senior mobile engineer at MGH Advertising. I’ve been developing mobile apps since 2008, and I worked on mobile web apps prior to that.

While my current title is that of senior mobile engineer, I have worked in many areas of technology over the years. I got my start as an audio engineer at several recording studios around Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia back in the mid 90′s. From there I took a position with the ASCAP owned company Mediaguide just outside of Philadelphia. We helped pioneer audio fingerprinting technology which is most commonly used today in mobile apps like Shazam and Soundhound. During my time at Mediaguide I developed a product called “Talk Monitor” which was the worlds first AM talk radio search engine. Our early clients included then senator Barack Obama, Rick Santorum and Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

After leaving Mediaguide I co-founded a new start up called M2 Discovery. We specialized in phonetic speech detection that was used in the litigation industry. In short, we built search engines for voice mail recordings. During my time with M2 I also helped manage several litigation support groups around Philadelphia.

After leaving Philadelphia for Baltimore in 2008, I turned my eye towards the newly emerging mobile world. That is where you can find me now as I work both as a freelancer and as the senior mobile engineer at MGH.

Me & my quadcopter

Me & my quadcopter

Outside of work I am still captivated by technology. In 2010 I began working on a passion project with my wife called Elevated Element. We take a unique approach to aerial photography by designing, building and flying GPS guided drones to capture our images while we stay safely on the ground. We have been featured in the Baltimore Sun and several other news outlets for our work. You can find more info about that at our website,